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How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim in Florida?

When you get into a car accident – especially one where you are the victim, you may have several compensations to claim. That being said, like any other legal procedure, insurance claims may take a long time to settle.

You want to get on with your life as quickly as possible. So, how long will it take for the whole thing to be over? On average, it takes up to 30 days for the process to be over in Florida. That being said, certain factors may change that.

1.    Cause of the Accident

For some, it might appear obvious which vehicle crashed into the other. If you are lucky, the cause of the accident will be determined right away. That being said, this is not always so obvious and may require further investigation.

For instance, one of the defendants may try to argue that they experienced an engine malfunction while they were driving. The situation may have been out of their hands, and the manufacturer or other party may be the one at fault. In this case, the investigations may delay the settlement.

2.   Injury Severity

After the accident, one may not feel the full extent of their injuries. This happens as a result of an adrenaline rush. You’ll have to gauge the full extent of your wounds and have a doctor write a report. Depending on the severity of your injuries, this may take a while.

3.   Insurance Company Involved

In a car accident where multiple vehicles are involved, you need to talk with multiple insurance companies. These companies have their own procedure and timeline. They may also have their own style when agreeing to a settlement.

For example, they may be willing to negotiate good compensation with you, which can cut from the timeline. If they are not willing to do so, your lawyer must go through a couple of extra hoops. This can increase the time it takes for you to receive compensation.

4.   Strength of Evidence

Insurance claims are given based on the available evidence. Perhaps you couldn’t take pictures at the site, or you could not talk to the witnesses yourself. In that case, the authorities need to track potential witnesses and check the claims through surveillance cameras. Depending on their availability, this may take a while.

The Bottom Line

Car accidents usually don’t take long to settle, as long as the evidence is clear-cut. That being said, if things get complicated, it may take more than the average 30 days.