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IV Treatment

IV Treatments

10 Benefits of IV Therapy

  • Guaranteed vitamin absorption. Some medications and medical issues can interrupt your body's ability to properly absorb the nutrients it needs to function correctly
  • Boost your energy
  • Instant rehydration
  • Fast treatment times
  • Customized treatments
  • Reduced reliance on pills
  • Ideal preventive therapy
  • Immediate results



This shot contains amino acids and
Vitamin B12 to five you energy boost
immunity, detox and burn fat.

Brain Booster

This combination of vitamins and amino
acids helps with mental clarity, memory,
productivity and concentration


Vitamin B12 + 6 amino acids to help
maintain and build muscle, promote
athletic recovery, and boost sexual

Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin will help with
depression, promote a healthy immune
system and enhance weight loss


This shot will give you a boost of energy,
detox, and help with brain fog


Detox, general wellness and The Mother
of all Anti-Oxidants will promote healthy
immune system, sharp memory and
clear complexion

Super B12

Higher concentration of Vitamin B12 to
supercharge your performance


A combination of amino acids &
Magnesium to help you relax, sleep
better, relieve anxiety and migraines


Great for weight loss, youthful skin
and energy performance



Premium blend of vitamins and
Clutathione – this is the ultimate drip to
promote wellbeing and vitality


IV fluids along with vitamins
and minerals will get you back
on your feet again in minutes


This classic cocktail was developed by Dr.
Myers. iV Vluids along
with vitamins and minerals will combat
fatigue and many chronic conditions


Loaded with B12, amino acids, and
Vitamin C, this cocktail will help with
athletic recovery, performance, and
boost the immune system